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Have you tried checking for ties? Baby have a rash? Check under the tongue! Tongue tie, or ankyloglossia , is characterized by an overly tight lingual frenulum, the cord of tissue that anchors the tongue to the bottom of the mouth. It occurs in 4 to 11 percent of newborns.
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How to tell if your baby's getting enough breast milk

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How Lip Tie in Babies Affects Breastfeeding and Baby Feeding

To understand how an upper lip tie may affect feeding we need to look at how the baby attaches to the breast. However, ideas about the role of the upper lip have changed. In actual fact only the lower lip should flange. So, babies who flange the top lip are doing so because they are compensating for a shallow latch due to poor positioning or a tongue tie. They are using the top lip to hang onto and compress the breast. Obviously if the top lip is tense the baby will find it harder to employ the lip to compensate for the tongue tie.
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How to Increase Your Breast Milk Supply

I mean, the hashtag for boobjob has over million combined views on TikTok, and we all know how easy it is to get sucked into a scrolling hole over there. Between recovery time, costs, safety risks, and the different types of implants, breast augmentation surgery is a big one to consider! And that's why plastic surgeons recommend you take comprehensive steps to make sure this is the right choice for you. Starting with asking yourself why.
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How much breast milk a baby drinks varies from baby to baby and from one month to the next. A newborn eats less than an ounce of breast milk per feeding at first, but by the time they're 1 month old, babies usually drink about 3 to 4 ounces eight times a day. Follow your baby's lead on how much and how often to feed them, and look for signs that your baby isn't getting enough breast milk such as weight loss, fewer than six wet diapers daily, and dark-colored urine. Whether you're nursing your baby or pumping breast milk for bottles, you'll want to make sure your baby is getting the right amount of milk.
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