Hair bumps around anus

You're squirming in your chair at work. You have to pull over on the drive to the supermarket so you can relieve your itchiness. You wake up scratching yourself in the middle of the night. You just can't stop itching "down there. Fortunately, most causes of itchy bumps around the genital area aren't serious. However, if you think you have any of these conditions, visit your health care provider a primary care doctor, gynecologist, nurse practitioner, physician assistant, urologist or dermatologist who can help diagnose and treat it.
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11 Reasons You Might Have an Itchy Butt—and How To Treat It

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Itchy Anus/Bottom (Pruritus Ani) | Causes and Treatment | Patient

Do yourself a favor and grab a handheld mirror and take a good, long look at your undercarriage especially if you never have. It's good practice to be acquainted with all your body parts, and knowing what things generally look like down there improves your chances for quickly identifying anything abnormal — like bumps, lumps and everything in between. This is important because some bumps on and near the vagina can be an early sign of something that needs medical attention like syphilis , and spotting them sooner rather than later is usually best. Get to know your vulvar landscape, and then get acquainted with what all the little things that might pop up on your vulva may mean. A few STIs list bumps on the vulva or near the vagina as symptoms. The bites from pubic lice crabs often show up on the vulva as little blue dots that itch like crazy.
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Hidradenitis suppurativa (HS)

Shaving rash is a common problem for men, or for women who shave their bikini-line pubic hair. Normally, the weight of each individual hair straightens it slightly. When you shave, a remnant of hair is left in the hair follicle. As this starts to grow out of the follicle, it may immediately curve round into the surrounding skin, because there is nothing to keep it straight.
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So you're really itchy—in one of the most private and difficult-to-talk-about places on your body. And while it may feel awkward to type the words "anal itching" or "itchy butthole" into your search engine, it's a common problem. The "it" we're referring to is pruritus ani , the technical term for irritation around the anus that causes the desire to scratch, according to an overview published in in Clinics in Colon and Rectal Surgery.
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